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Faces of Brewing - About us

About us

Faces of Brewing 2013 is open to adults (21 or above) who are nationals of the 28 Member States of the European Union plus Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. There are no entry fees to pay.

Brewing is a craft and an art that brings people and cultures together, fostering social interaction across the world. A product produced with ingredients of natural origin, Europe has a rich diversity in its beer culture, which is reflected in the great traditions of each of the European countries and regions. Beer is recognised as a refreshing, enjoyable beverage that is appreciated by different cultures across the world. It is a convivial beverage that brings people in a community together to socialise and enjoy themselves. Historically, beer has a special place in the hearts of Europeans and citizens around the world.

The goal of Faces of Brewing is to shine a light on the people and ‘faces’ behind the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. The brewing sector stands for thousands of years of craftsmanship and tradition, which has created a rich diversity in beer culture.

This year's competition focuses on people in the hospitality sector (e.g. pubs and bars) serving beer and their role in local communities. We provide photographers with the opportunity to showcase their best images, and the stories behind the images, by having them published and used by national brewing associations across Europe.

Faces of Brewing wants to offer talented European photographers the opportunity to have their images published and to be judged by a panel of renowned international photographers among others. We also offer three great prizes and will publicise the images and winners to the European media.

You can win

1st prize: €1000 of photography equipment

2nd prize: €500 of photography equipment

3rd prize: €250 of photography equipment

In addition, prizes of €50 will be awarded by the website managers to the 'Most Popular Picture', judged by the number of votes received by the individual photos in the gallery, and the 'Social Media Star' of Faces', judged by the most prolific use of Faces of Brewing's social media channels. Please see the Terms and Conditions section of this website for more information. There is no limit on how many photographs you can enter.

Images that feature local pubs and bars, the people who run them (e.g. the owner, bartender) and those who enjoy their service will be welcomed to The Faces of Brewing website. As the competition emphasises the brewing sector as a whole, photos should not contain excessive beer branding. Remember that subjects in the photo must be 21 years of age, see Terms and Conditions for details.

When the competition closes, the judges will select the three images that are the most visually appealing, original and self-explanatory. Please note that the website managers will select only high quality photos respecting the criteria for submissions of the contest.

This competition is supported by a donation from The Brewers of Europe. Founded in 1958 and based in Brussels, The Brewers of Europe, a not-for-profit organisation, is the voice of the European brewing sector to the European institutions and international organisations. Current members are the national brewers associations from EU Member States, plus Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

If you drink beer, please enjoy in moderation.

For additional information on The Brewers of Europe, please visit our website at: www.brewersofeurope.org

Questions? info@facesofbrewing.eu

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