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The third edition of the Faces of Brewing photography competition is now open! This competition shines a light on the people and “faces” behind one of the world’s oldest and most widely consumed beverages. It celebrates photography and the people involved with brewing, two different arts that bring people together, fostering dialogue and exchange between different cultures.

The spotlight is on the contribution that the hospitality sector - local pubs, bars, beer gardens and cafés - makes to our societies, cultures and economies. We want to build up a picture of the bar and pub environment across Europe and tell the stories of the people who help to keep our local economies running and ensure that the local pub remains the hub of the community.

Not only do these establishments sit at the heart of our local communities, enhancing our enjoyment of life, they are essential for European growth, jobs and prosperity and the future of other European sectors; especially brewing.

Whether you have your eye on your corner cafe or the quaint pub or beer festival you visited when on holiday abroad, we welcome all great pictures featuring (1) traditional local pubs, bars, events, cafés and beer gardens (2) beer and (3) waiters, waitresses and staff.

We hope you will participate in this initiative, sponsored by The Brewers of Europe and that you will "give Faces of Brewing your best shot!"

Questions? info@facesofbrewing.eu

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